The fun is endless with Bilibo

I have to be honest, up until a few months ago if you’d have said Bilibo to me, I’d have nodded knowingly and wisely but secretly wondered why we were talking about The Hobbit. All of a sudden these award winning, high-density polyurethane colourful shells popped up at every house my daughter visited. Initially I was bemused, how did everyone else know about them and I didn’t?  Then amusement set in as they kept appearing like garden toadstools and now I have one on my list to procure for our eldest’s 3rd birthday in a few weeks time.

There’s a super silver coloured one too – which one will you choose?

Pull it, push it, spin in it, on it or around it. Carry things in it, use it as a slide, as a chair or as a stepping stone. Its uses are endless for such a simple concept and guarantees hours of imaginative play. RRP is £21.99 but Zulily is offering them for a steal of a 40% discount deal at £13.99 until Sunday 7th September at midnight.