Femme TENS Machine – reduced by 50%; the natural labour pain reliever

Photo Credit | www.babycaretens.com
Photo Credit | http://www.babycaretens.com

At 36 weeks pregnant with my second baby I’ve realised it’s probably about time I packed my hospital bag. Trying to remember what I packed last time round is especially hard right now as I can’t quite remember what I did last week, let alone three years ago.

All of the super important things like cotton wool, nighties, snacks and some newborn nappies were all that were coming to mind until I re-discovered my Tens (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) electrodes. In my first pregnancy this little beauty of a machine allowed me to stay at home for nigh on 30 hours until I was in active labour. If one of the pads fell off it felt like someone had hit my extreme pain button. Hopeful thinking on my part drove me to buy it when I was 30 weeks pregnant just in case the baby came early. Ha. Bertie eventually arrived 12 days late. I’m so pleased I bought it however; there was no stress of hire and the subsequent post natal return. I’ve since lent it to the other Saving Sister twice-over and other friends who have been grateful and would definitely recommend using one.

If you do decide to try it out during labour, I strongly advise using either extra plasters or micropore to stick over the top of the pads to ensure that they are safely in place. If one falls off half way through a contraction, well, lets just say you’ll know about it and possibly everyone else will within a 10-mile range!

They are available for 6-week hire for £25.00  but for a limited time only Babycare TENS is offering them at a massively reduced £30.75, down from £61.50. That’s an incredible 50% discount. If you’re planning more children or have friends who are also pregnant it’s so worth making the investment. They’re a regular piece of kit on our Labour & Delivery Wards, but my sister who most recently used one whilst giving birth in an U.S. Military Hospital told me that the American Healthcare Providers were fascinated with it.

If you want more information on how a Tens machine actually works take a look at the NCT website.