33% off Hotmilk Nursing Bras

All I have left to buy for my hospital bag is nursing bras and it doesn’t fill me with joy. There are no words I can use to express how much I hate bra shopping. My chest is on the large side so not only do I have to go to specialist shops, but I have to spend £30.00 minimum just to get one that can do the job properly.

With my first child I wore cheap if you can call £15.00 cheap Marks and Spencer nursing bras throughout my pregnancy and six months of feeding. On me they were hideous, didn’t fit properly (even though I had them fitted in store), looked ugly and made my boobs look like one sausage. This time I was determined not to have the same experience. I spoke with a John Lewis Bra Fitter who told me to come back at 37 weeks. That’s Monday and I’ll be there when the doors open. I had a quick look at their range and even though I’m a huge advocate for John Lewis bra fitting, their selection didn’t match up this time, thus resulting in me scouring the internet for pretty, appropriate bras.


Photocredit | http://www.hotmilklingerie.com/collections/nursing-bras/products/eclipse-nude
Photocredit | http://www.hotmilklingerie.com

My Nursing Bra criteria:

  • Attractive – It comes out in public so a horrible nude colour bra may look good under a white t-shirt, but not when everyone in a coffee shop can catch a glimpse.
  • Large sizes – Obvious reason; mine are huge and Mothercare doesn’t even make them in my size.
  • Supportive – Same reason as above, thankfully nursing bra manufacturers realise this.
  • Price – As I’ve already stated, I’m no stranger to paying £30.00 per bra. I’ve never been able to find one in my size in the sale at £10.00. However being on maternity leave our annual income will decrease; even so I want cheaper NOT necessarily cheap.

So with all of the above to hand and a lot of research later I have discovered a great website selling Hotmilk nursing bras at £34.67 each but with the added bonus of buy two get one free. That works out at a 33% saving, £69.34 for three bras or £22.11 each. It may sound like a lot of money but I’ll wash mine until they fall apart and not look like I’m wearing a granny bra, so for me that’s a bargain. Once I’m measured I’ll be returning home to order and I hope the pretty pink and black one will still be available.

Photocredit | http://www.hotmilklingerie.com/collections/nursing-bras/products/mystery
Photocredit | http://www.hotmilklingerie.com