Junior trampoline down to £35.00

It’s my daughter Emmie’s 3rd birthday this weekend. I still have yet to buy her presents (major procrastination going on here) but instead have been wasting time on having a reminisce about the most successful ones over the last 2 years. She loved jumping from an early age so we bought her this trampoline for her 1st birthday. It was a true hit and although it’s been relegated to the garden now, it’s still used and abused on a weekly basis.

Photo Credit | www.elc.co.uk
Photo Credit | http://www.elc.co.uk

As part of their 40th birthday celebrations, the Early Learning Centre is having an awesome sale right now on some big ticket items and this trampoline is now a very reasonable £35.00, down from £45.00. It’s definitely one to consider for indoor use over the Winter as well an outdoor summer toy.