Sleep’s no longer for losers or the rich! Gro-Clock reduced by 33% to £19.95

If you’ve been blessed with a fitful sleeper like we have, you’ll understand what sleep deprivation does to a parent. Whilst clutching at straws about a year ago we started using this Gro-Clock to try and teach our daughter to understand that 05:00 is not an appropriate time for anyone to be up. Ever (unless you’re going on holiday!). Well, it failed pretty spectacularly at the time and we banished the clock to collect dust on the other side of the bedroom.

Fast forward to the start of this school term and after lamenting the hours that Emmie likes to keep, a friend mentioned that it had worked wonders with her children so we decided to give it another go. And result! It’s worked. I think perhaps because she’s just that bit older and fully grasps the concept now. Having set the wake-up time (06:30 for us – which is a major improvement for our household) the stars on the glowing blue screen go out one by one until the yellow sun appears. We’ve managed to reinforce it so well that as soon as the sun appears, we hear a shout from across the landing asking “Mummy, can I come and play with my brother now?”. It’s a huge relief to know that those little feet won’t be padding into our room at stupid o’clock with a small face startling me awake.

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Normally £29.99, Amazon has them for £19.95. That’s a pretty hefty saving on a hugely successful piece of kit. I can’t promise it will work, but it’s definitely increased my nightly sleep and thus ever so slightly slowed down the fast appearing wrinkles.  It’s cheaper than a good eye cream that’s for sure!