Contemplating Christmas: Do you want to build a stocking?

My Saving Sister may well believe that it’s too soon to be thinking about Christmas but she doesn’t live in Germany, reliant on the American Military postal service to get gifts delivered in a timely manner. Every year by about October, our post offices are swamped and it’s a lottery as to whether our parcels get here in time. Queues are out of the doors and the military as well as volunteers, work around the clock to unload the trucks full of presents. Yet still, it’s by no means guaranteed that everything we’ve ordered will have made it to our homes and wrapped under the tree on Christmas Eve. We’re also moving 4 weeks before Christmas this year, making an early start even more important than usual.

So, now that Emmie’s birthday is practically here, in my head and world, it’s time to move on to the festive season.

Frozen is as popular in our sitting room right now as in everyone else’s. You can fight it or embrace it and frankly I’m innately lazy so it’s been accepted and I’m praying that it’s a short term pain that I have to live through…probably until the next Disney film comes out!

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 8.53.42 PM

No link but my ice-cold sources reliably inform me that this Advent Calendar is just £1.00 in Poundland right now. Normally £8.99, the 2015 calendar is a mere £5.00 at The Works (online exclusive). Smyths Toys has the Elsa Dress for £19.99 instead of the usual £22.99 and this sweet Anna Toddler Doll is on offer at Argos for £24.99 down from £29.99.

I bet at least one of these makes its way into my gift pile. I hope that some of you take pity and suffer along with me!