FreePrints. Yes. Free Prints!

The first I heard of this nifty little App was when my friend Megan gave me a photo that she’d taken of Emmie on a day out. I was genuinely surprised. Not because of her generosity; she’s my friend, I pick them wisely. But because who shares hard print photos these days? We text them, WhatsApp them, Facebook them. But print them? Hell no. Who has time for that?

Photo Credit |
Photo Credit |

The quality of the FreePrints was pretty impressive and she told me that she’d kindly cropped out her daughter using the App’s editing functions to make it just of Emmie. I made her promise to send me the details then duly forgot all about it. In a fit of manic organization the other day I looked it up on my new yellow iPhone and downloaded it to check it out.


is their tagline and that’s basically all there is to it. Each month you can choose up to 45 6×4 photos from your phone, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox or Picasa to have printed completely free. You can order more than that and in different sizes for a small fee per picture but why would you? All that they require is that you pay the postage and packing which starts at £1.49 and is never more than £3.99.

It’s such a simple concept and is brilliant for people like me who hoard photos on their iPhone in fear of not having my whole life documented frame-by-frame. I literally clicked my way through 45, added in my contact and payment details and wham bam, they arrived on my doorstep a few days later.

It will revolutionise your life and make you feel like one of those smug, organised people. For about half a second.