3 for 2 on all children’s toys at Argos until 3 Oct 2014

I’m sure I’m not the only one who remembers thumbing the pages of the Argos catalogue back in the day. Pouring over every page with great concentration and marking every. single. thing. that I wanted for my birthday or Christmas. Always working from the back to the front of the book, even now just looking at one evokes huge childhood memories, mostly situated in my Grandma’s back room. It probably was the ’80s equivalent of Frozen or On Demand TV; a sure fire way of keeping me entertained, and more importantly quiet, for hours on end.

Fast forward to our very modern age and although not completely extinct, the Argos Catalogue has been pretty much replaced by their website. As convenient and easy as the internet is, I do feel that today’s children are slightly missing out on the whole Argos catalogue experience. That said, if I ever proposed that idea to a current 8-year old, they’d probably look at me pityingly and like I had 2 heads.

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 8.25.58 PM

In order to pay for all of their millions of 500-page catalogues and in the days of little HIgh Street competition, I doubt Argos ever had much of seasonal sale. But yesterday marked the start of their 10 day offer with all children’s toys being on 3 for 2. Such a simple and cheap way to stock up the birthday present drawer or start preparing for the upcoming Holiday season. Be prepared to get sucked in and waste an hour or more perusing all the things that you should be looking at for the children in your life, whilst secretly wishing you were still young enough to mark them on your ‘wanted list’!