Get your coat on

Sat in my German sitting room last night, living my American life, I was watching the BBC weather delivered live from Bournemouth. If you didn’t already know, this past September (or last month as we can say now) was the driest in England since records began and the joint 4th warmest in 104 years. Just 19.4mm of rain fell which is a tiny 20% of the normal expected levels. There you go; there’s your trivia for work for the day. Go on, impress someone with that pretty unexciting piece of information.

Well, it got me thinking. Especially as the forecast was for a fairly imminent change. Quelle surprise we all sigh. Coats, coats and more coats. I have amassed enough over the last ten years or so that I could wear a different one every day for a month and still have some left over. Even so, it’s always nice to update the wardrobe with a new addition. So much preferable than a trip to the Dry Cleaners to freshen up the musty old ones.

Regardless of the fact that Autumn has only just begun, there are some serious sales and bargains to be had already on coats and jackets. Here’s my pick for super value for money. This is just the tip of the iceberg though; there are loads of deals to be found.



1.  Linea Weekend Biker Jacket House of Fraser. Now £52.50 was £75.00

2.  Cotton Biker Jacket Boden. Now £63.20 was £79.00

3. Double-breasted Jacket H&M Now £29.99 use Code 2486 for 10% off online

4. Pure Cotton Hooded Double Breasted Parka Marks and Spencer Now £31.00 was £65.00

5. Carly Mid Wash Denim Jacket Oasis Now £20.00 was £45.00