Fancy a cuppa?

I remember well when Emmie received her first tea set. She was only 1, but my friend Lexy told me that she’d looked around her toyroom for inspiration and her eyes had stopped upon spying their well-loved and used one. It’s a method I’ve since utilised for most presents since then and it’s made the search and subsequent purchasing a hell of a lot less stressful. To the point where most of my local friends’ children  have been gifted their own tea set for their 1st birthdays. Imaginative I’m not, nor have I ever claimed to be. Plus I like to think of them enjoying a 5am tea party like I suffered, endured and didn’t really enjoy on many a cold, dark winter morning when I was embracing yet another deployment.

Over the last couple of years multiple sets have been added to our collection and each one has its place in our playtime. Like any self-respecting household, they’ve kind of merged together to be able to serve a whole Macmillan Coffee Morning and the most recent addition, the Frozen one, even has little plastic lemons for the more discerning tea connoisseur.

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 8.54.41 PM

1.  Fisher Price Laugh Learn Say Please was one of our early favourites. The teapot makes a pouring sound that causes little ears to giggle every time it’s used. Now £12.35 from the original £16.99 on

2. This pink and white sweetheart porcelain teaset is usually £9.99 at but there’s a 2 for £15.00 for deal on right now. Perfect for Christmas presents.

3. Other characters come and go, but Peppa Pig is still a winner winner chicken dinner for us. This sweet, miniature porcelain set is just £3.00 down from £6.00 at The Entertainer. We have tiled floors throughout our ground floor and our porcelain sets have bounced like their lives away on our floors.

4.  Olaf knocks spots off of Anna and Elsa in my daughter’s world, so this newest Frozen addition to her collection is just the best thing ever. The cheapest I can find it is at where it’s £14.97, usually £14.99. If you look after the pennies……

5.  This lovely red polka dot tea set is my go-to for local gifts. Not exactly on sale but at £4.99 at it’s hugely cheaper than my local toyshop where it retails for about 4 times that much in euros.

Tea sets are such lovely presents to give and receive, and unlike most of the toyroom in my house are mostly identical today to the one (note the singular!) that lived in my toybox when I was little. I hope your little ones enjoy them as much as our greatly loved pieces.