You don’t have to brush all your teeth – just the ones you want to keep

I am resolutely and steadfastly British and think I always will be. I may live in a pretty unique, hybrid Anglo-American-Deutsch world but my values, thoughts, opinions, words and actions are still very much from the small island about 300 miles North West of here. That said, there’s one aspect of Americana that I’m very happy to embrace and that’s their shiny pearly whites.

James has been complimented on my teeth previously as in “….she may be a Brit but her teeth aren’t too bad”. He just laughs but I’m left stuttering and mumbling to myself about how we don’t exactly live in the dark ages in the U.K. and it may come as a shock but we do actually have running water and toothpaste. It’s not just an American thang y’know y’all.

My parents drummed it in to me and Amy that we should look after our teeth when we were younger and my 6-year dental break (which ended last year I might add) is not my finest hour or proudest moment. Likewise I’ve become that Mum and ever since we started to brush Emmie’s teeth she’s hated it, even using the less than gentle commercial persuasion of Dora toothbrushes and Disney Princess toothpaste. It’s been a morning battle of wills, and her having James’ personality means stubborn is the understatement of the century.

So last week I gave in and we went shopping for a child’s battery powered toothbrush. I keep on doing things that my pre-parent self would have been ever so Judgey von Judgerson about for the sake of my spirit and well-being. And you know what? It worked. All those hours of negotiation, persuasion, coercion and then naturally blackmail, wiped into oblivion by one sparkly, add your own stickers piece of battery-operated plastic. Even if you have a wonder child that loves their teeth being cleaned you should try one too. It makes the experience so much more pleasant and means that I don’t have to have two cups of coffee beforehand to steal myself for the fight.


Colgate Battery Spiderman Kids Toothbrush Was £5.98 Now £2.99 at Tesco

Brush-Baby Baby Sonic Electric Toothbrush RRP 8.99 but 6.95 at

Colgate Toothbrush Kids Sonic Power Was £6.50 now £3.25 at Boots

And if you wanted to check out the super duper sticker one that we have for yourself it’s the Spinbrush here!

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