Apparently breastfeeding mothers aren’t allowed to be fashionable.

As I’m sat here like a baby elephant awaiting the arrival of number two I keep searching on the internet for things I want post birth. I’ve done feeding bras and Prosecco, now I’m onto clothes. A friend asked the other week if I had bought something for myself for after the baby is born, she treated herself to a cashmere cardigan but that’s a bit pricey for me at the moment. I decided to buy myself a new top or dress to breastfeed in, so I commenced my search…. and it continues. I didn’t want something that would ‘do’ I wanted an item I would normally like to wear.  Maternity wear has improved over the years but when breastfeeding in the UK is highly promoted the clothes (I believe) don’t match up, don’t get me wrong, as a Robinson I like a stripey top but I’ve worn it to death in pregnancy, clothes stores believe this is the uniform for pregnant ladies. So if anyone fancies a new business venture I implore you to design a fashionable range of breastfeeding clothes.

I have found some nursing clothes in Mamas and Papas, Vertaubet and Debenhams at a reduced price however I have to admit it’s not quite what I was looking for.

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1. Debenhams, Red Herring Navy Wrap Nursing Dress – Now £24.00.

2. Mamas and Papas, Navy Striped 2 Layer Nursing Top – Now £16.80.

3. Vertaubert, Maternity and Nursing Top – Now £20.80.

4. Mamas and Papas, White Essentials Nursing Vest – Now £10.50


Even though there is nothing wrong with any of the above they don’t inspire me, I want something special, a bit more fashionable and less boring to make myself feel less of a mess post sleepless night.  When I was last breastfeeding I bought some cheapo Primark thin strappy tops for about £1.50 ish each and then wore them underneath normal clothes, because they weren’t expensive I didn’t care about pulling the strappy top down and ruining the fit (which it didn’t I still have them and intend to re-use).  Alternatively you could use the Mamas and Papas, white essentials nursing vest underneath.  So it was a case of jumper up and strappy top down, a DIY breastfeeding top.  From experience I know a loose top is easier to pull up in emergency situations, so that is what I have been searching for, here are my favourite three.


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1.  Warehouse, Lace Overlay Jumper – Now £20.00.

2.  Warehouse, Sheer Yarn Jumper – Now £20.00.

3. Mint Velvet, Seed Bead Knitted Jumper – £35.00