Jump onto these before it’s too late

Jumpers. Jumpers? Such a normal word that we generally use without thought because y’know, it’s a jumper. What else would you call it? Well these days just like trousers have become pants in my house, and pants are now panties because you can’t have pants and pants obviously, jumpers are now sweaters. In the beginning I would literally translate the words as I was saying them but now, just like when you’ve done French at school  for a few years, the American words stream out of my mouth unconsciously and  fluently. Which is hugely mortifying when I go back to talking to a Brit and they look at me quizzically. Or in the case of my sister, she makes fun of me to such an extent that I can’t remember whether I’m talking American or English and give up.

Having made a very last minute decision to take a trip to Prague this weekend, jumpers have been on my mind a fair bit. Firstly because the forecast wasn’t too bad so I needed to pack some light ones. Secondly because I realised have but one that I like and that’s it. And thirdly because walking around this sartorially-conscious city, I noticed that everyone else has really nice ones that I want.

I figured if I’m in this predicament then I can’t be alone so I decided to investigate the best of the mid-season sales for a couple of new additions to my wardrobe/closet/shrank. Yes you did read right, shrank. Say it again; shrank.


1. White Stuff Town and Country Cardi £39.00 was £59.95

2. Gap Colourblock Merino Sweater  £32.99 was  £39.95 (+ an additional 20% off using EXTRAGAP until 13/10/14)

3. Crew Clothing Co. Nadia Jumper £27.00 was £55.00

4. Warehouse Interest Sleeve Jumper £20.00 was £35.00

5. H&M Knitted Jumper £7.49 was £14.99

6. Oasis Art Studio Sweat £20.00 was £38.00

Go on, treat yourself. You know you want to. I do and I most definitely will.