It’s National Chocolate Week 2014!

Who knew such a week existed? And now that we do, it makes it totally legitimate and actually a requirement to re-stock our secret chocolate stash. Obviously devouring it far away from the children so that we don’t have to share.

Apparently, this is the UK’s favourite themed week (it’s definitely mine now that I’m aware of it) and it is the tenth consecutive year of celebrating the world of fine chocolate from the 13th to 19th October 2014.

The primary aim of chocolate week is to promote the independent artisan chocolatiers and the chocolate companies who work in direct partnership with cocoa farmers worldwide. I am in total agreement with that. I live in a dichotomy of a chocolate world. We’re spoilt here being so close to Belgium and Switzerland and their finest chocolate creations. Dreamy Milka, the Austrian staple and Ritter Sport, its delicious German rival, are as prolific in these parts as brats, bier and bretzels. And then on the other hand we have our local American supermarket selling the vomit-smelling and inducing Hershey brand and Reeses. Although their peanut butter filled pieces are my dirty guilty pleasure on a bad day. Or even a good one.

Anyway, to help you celebrate and be part of the national week we’ve found some great savings at the major supermarkets. I’m salivating just looking at these so think I might have to head down to the backerai and indulge in a chocolate croissant or two for breakfast this morning.


Terry’s Chocolate Orange was £2.75 now 2 for £3.00 at Morrisons

Matchmakers was £1.95 each now 2 for £2.00 at Sainsbury’s

Booja Booja Dairy Free was £6.59 now £5.59 at Ocado

Thornton’s Premium was £10.00 now £7.00 at Asda

Green & Black’s was £11.00 now £9.00 at Tesco