By the time the end of the week rolls around, my allocated and purchased Friday dinner on my meal plan, made with the greatest intentions the previous Sunday night, just feels wrong and uninspiring. Back in the day, Friday nights used to start at 4pm with a bottle of wine and then a few more. Chased down with a cocktail or three afterwards. Oh how times have changed. At the same time that I used to be putting my credit card behind the bar in anticipation of a great night, I’m now packing up the swim bags ready to embark on our weekly family swim. Sounds so twee doesn’t it? Like I said, times have most definitely changed.

As lovely as splashing with the water babies is, I enjoy it even more knowing that we invariably swap our unprepared ingredients for a burger and fries afterwards. No mess, no fuss and no clear-up. Just what the Doctor, or perhaps Lifeguard, ordered.

So in case you’re as lazy as me, I’ve found some offers that might tickle your fancy and prompt you to abandon your kitchen this weekend as well.

Pizza Express Three courses for £13.75

Prezzo Pizza or Pasta for £6.75 and a great tiny tots menu of 3 courses for £3.50

Strada 25% off food

Chiquito £10.00 off your food bill (Sunday only)

Giraffe Kids meal deal £5.65

Zizzi 20% off all food

If you’d rather head out for breakfast, look no further than this offer at Browns. Two traditional breakfasts (meat/veggie) for just £9.00

Finally, if you don’t fancy going out and can swing by Waitrose, they still have their £10.00 meal deal going on this weekend.

Enjoy and I hope that you don’t feel one iota of guilt. I know I don’t.