Hushabye Baby…..

I’m pleased to be able to report I am no longer pregnant, Baby Evie was born last Monday on the day of the first Midwife strike in the UK.  Even though we were in hospital for the duration I cannot praise the Midwives enough, I feel I received a very high standard of care during those four hours and wouldn’t have known it was happening if it hadn’t been advertised so publicly.  I want to take this opportunity to thank all the Midwives who work so hard and tirelessly to ensure Mothers are well cared for within the NHS and I fully support your decision to strike.

Back to the blog, Baby Evie and myself have been doing really well this last week, I don’t even feel exhausted but I do remember last time I was lured into a false sense of security for the first two weeks thinking how easy having a newborn was, so I’m fully aware this is set to change.  One item I have this time and not last is a Sleepyhead.  My Mum asked me what I wanted and this is what I requested, I know others who had this with their firstborn and have sworn by them.  At £100 at John Lewis and having a pram, bouncy chair and Moses basket it was too pricey for us to buy and felt like a waste of money when we had other items which did the same function however I’m really pleased we have one.  We were never able to put Bertie down and had him sleep on our chest and in bed with us for at least two months, which isn’t the case with Baby Evie.  The Sleepyhead is cocoon shaped pillow and makes the baby feel enclosed and snug, with handles to carry it around the house easily.  She is in it during the day and night-time between us but when the time comes to move her into her into the Moses basket it fits neatly inside and would easily be placed into the cot therefore it won’t be any change for her and an easier transition.  It will be coming with us when we visit family and friends overnight making it extremely versatile.  The age usage is from newborn to 8 months and another is available for 8 – 36 months.  At £100 it is pricey but on Amazon it can be bought for £86.88 with free postage and packaging and an ideal present for new parents.  I really wish we had this the first time but glad to have discovered it before our second and definitely NOT a waste of money.

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