Super sportswear at a super price

After having Joseph in January this year I got back in to running again for multiple reasons. Firstly, because irritatingly the weight didn’t dramatically drop off me like it did with my first. Secondly, because I needed to get my fitness to an acceptable level again and thirdly, and most importantly for me, it gave me time all to myself after a hectic, stressful, busy day of looking after a toddler and a newborn. 30 minutes of pure, unadulterated time to myself meant that I actually kept it up way past my precious attempts efforts.

The last 7 months has seen me add a jogging stroller, new expensivo trainers and lots of sports bras to the mix as well as many miles on my Nike app. I kind of feel like a proper runner. I even went out in the gusts of wind yesterday just because I could. No more fairweather running in this house.  It’s has actually got a bit serious. As the skies have been changing and the temperatures dropping I’ve taken to raiding my husband’s gym kit for cold weather clothing. Yep he’s slightly bigger than me but lycra’s stretchy and I’ve acquired a fair bit by stealth. Then, last week he noticed me sporting his running leggings and asked me to stop. Now. Apparently tops are one thing but pants another. Who knew?

In my yocal local part of the world the only shop we have that has a recognisable brand name is H&M, unless you count C&A and I don’t. There was a reason they pulled out of the UK back in the 90s and it wasn’t because they were the bees knees. I treated myself to a few pieces just last week and they are brilliant quality for the price.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 12.19.04 PM

I was absolutely delighted with these running tights that fitted perfectly and are massively comfy. They have the necessary back pocket for your keys or iPhone, reflective stripes for the darker days and nights and a drawstring to pull them a bit tighter if needed. At £24.99 I thought they were an excellent deal but H&M currently has them at 40% off currently so JUST £14.99. They easily compare to my Under Armour ones, in fact if anything I like them even more. I’m going to get my Bristol-based personal shopper aka my Mum to get me a few more pairs before the offer ends. And then James can have his back with no fear of me  ever touching them again.

Fotor01021123658These shorts are also reduced by 40% to £7.79 from £12.99. The running vest is 50% off and now £6.49 from £12.99 and the yoga pants come in 3 different colours including black and are marked down by 50% to £7.49 from £14.99.