A scarf is not just for warmth

To follow on from my post about breastfeeding clothes i’ve rediscovered my use for scarves.  Even though I’m used to wearing a baggy jumper with a thin strappy top underneath I’m thinking about trying to wear some of my old (larger) clothes and the solution to this and breastfeeding is to don a scarf.  Last time I used a muslin when out and about to cover myself up just by threading it through my bra strap and covering Bertie however these days I’m trying to look less like a Slutty Mummy and more of a Yummy Mummy I’m not sure I’m succeeding but at least I’m trying to maintain some sense of myself.

I always knew breastfeeding scarves were available but it never occurred to me to use one.  Having found one in Mamas and Papas  (1) I’ve realised they are not such a naff idea.  This one is reduced to £16.00 and if it does what it states I think it’s a good buy.  Incorporated into it is a pocket for breast pads and if you’re like me taking them off to feed, putting them down, finishing the feed and wondering what the hell you’ve done with the damn thing this little pocket could be a godsend.  Another feature is it can’t fall off, so if you’re a first time mum or conscious of feeding in public you won’t have to worry about the baby tugging at it, allowing you to relax and do your job properly.

Photocredit |http://www.mamasandpapas.com http://www.seraphine.com
Photocredit |http://www.mamasandpapas.com

If any of you read Mumsnet, Style and Beauty threads you may be aware of the Mumsnet scarf, it was a few years ago now however I still love mine.  I’ve found on Seraphine their version, reduced to £20 (3) and £9 (2).  This stylish scarf has been designed for mothers in mind and even though it isn’t to be used solely for breastfeeding it makes a great addition to any wardrobe.  It is big to cover babies and thin enough to see them whilst they are feeding.

Even though this post is about scarves I’ve just found the breastfeeding jumper I was swooning over whilst writing the other thread, it is now in the sale for £39.00.  On closer inspection I’ve realised it not for your average breastfeeding Mother who gets milk all over clothes and can’t re-wear anything without washing it, it is SHOCK HORROR HAND WASH only.  I wanted to add it in case any of you have an army of hired help and you don’t have to do your own washing.  I’d love to be one of those people.

Photocredit | http://www.seraphine.com
Photocredit | http://www.seraphine.com