M&S has nailed it this Autumn

I love painting my nails. Well that’s a lie, I love having painted fingernails, and toenails come to that. The actual task of doing it is a laborious one so come the summer I tend to outsource the pedi part and art to a nice lady who likes to shave my winter hooves and prettify my toes. I tend to do my fingernails myself generally because I chip them so often that it would kill me to waste my money on a manicure that lasted perfectly for all of about 30 seconds. And because I do it, it doesn’t happen as often as I’d like.  I have to wait for the children to be in bed and have a full hour or so with nothing more finger-fiddly to do then drink a cup of tea and watch Eastenders.

I’ve genuinely been interested in the promo emails Marks and Spencer has been sending out recently. They’ve added some rather more well-known brands to their selection of nail varnishes including Alice & Eliza,Leighton Denny, Lola and Diego which is pretty impressive and an excellent touch. That said, the collection that has caught my eye this autumn is the Limited Collection] Quick Dry Nail Polish. Priced at just £3.50 per bottle the colour range is 44 shades big and most definately caters to all tastes and ages.


If like me you’re a dark horse and prefer yours short and striking, Storm, Aubergine, Red and French Navy are the colours for you. For those of us that prefer the neutrals, there are some fantastic festive bronzes and nudes in Buff, Gold, Dusted Apricot, City Grey and the super sparkly champagne. Greens and blues feature in the range as well as the gamut of purples, pinks and reds.


At a truly fantastic price, the quality is superb, especially as there’s a Friends and Family additional 20% off all Homeware, Clothing and Beauty until Monday 27 October with the code Oct14EM. I just placed and order for 2 bottles and it came to the ridiculously low price of £4.20. At £2.10 per bottle, I can’t afford not to increase by winter colour collection. Can you?