Lucy and Amy do it ourselves, facepaints……… attempt and a huge failure

With Halloween at the end of the week and Bertie dressing up as a Grim Reaper for the occasion I thought I’d do a Lucy and Amy do it ourselves.  With the outfit bought it’s only face paint that’s required, I googled a few recipes and found all of them were standard, face cream/acqueous cream, cornflour and food colouring.  It sound easy peasy doesn’t it? Just mix the required face cream with some food colouring then add enough cornflour to make it the thickness needed.  I did this and only needing white face paint I initially didn’t add any colouring, so after a few minutes and very little effort voilà I had what I needed.  Excellent, I thought, this is going to be amazing for the blog so I tried to make some red paint as well.  To prove I had managed to make it I plastered it on my face along with some black eyeliner around the eyes, trying to replicate the pictures of a Grim Reaper from Google.  Lets just say….. don’t bother wasting your time, it’s minutes and perfectly good face cream you’ll never get back.  The white paint didn’t look very white and the red, I only put it on my fingers and it turned them red, luckily I didn’t try it on Bertie’s face otherwise we would have one of those situations that would go down in history.  I can imagine how it would have went “Mum do you remember the time you dyed my face bright red with food colouring trying to save money on face paint? I’m 25 years old and still traumatised by it!”.

How my fingers looked after touching the paint and then washing it off straight away.  I’m sorry but no amount of filter could make the white face paint picture be acceptable to show on the internet.


If you decide to try and make your own face paint, all I have to say to you is, good luck with that.  If you’re like me and can’t be bothered I’ve found some in Hobby Craft on offer, face sticks now £3.75 and face paint kit, now £9.38.  Argos have Chad Valley facepaint as part of their 2 for £15 range, making it £7.50.

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I hope you all have a spooky halloween.