Lucy & Amy do it ourselves…. Halloween Pinterest SUCCESS!

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 8.09.37 PM

Emmie’s pre-school class is celebrating Halloween today with a parade and party later this afternoon. I’m still getting my head around the fact that America doesn’t primarily pull out the traditional scary costumes that we’re used to; hands up who’s been a ghost, cat, witch or vampire in their youth?! Pretty much all of us as they were the standard easy choices for our parents to create five minutes before walking out of the door to our celebration. Which in my case was usually a Brownie or Girl Guide event. Yep, I know that says a lot about me but we won’t go there today. Joseph has his Asda skeleton babygro, worn once by Emmie, and now his for the occasion so he’s sorted. Emmie on the other hand has a wardrobe full of fancy dress and we’ve still yet to decide what she’s going to wear. She and James have voted with hands, feet and every other body part for Elsa but I’d prefer her to be something slightly less obvious but I know I’ll lose.

As always there was a sign-up sheet for food and my finger wasn’t the fastest on the button, in fact it was last, so I got the riveting veggie provision. I’m totally certain that fruit and vegetables never featured on our party tables when we were younger but those days are long gone. Instead a veggie platter has become as essential as ham sandwiches were back in the 80s. Having the dull option I decided to consult Pinterest to liven my plate up a bit and this is what I found

Halloween Veggie Platter

and this is what I made

veggie platter 2

by way of this

Halloween veggies

It would have been pretty embarrassing if it was a fail as it’s probably one of the simplest Mum things I’ve ever done. As my lovely friends here say, Happy Halloween peeps.