Remember, remember, the fifth of November, the gunpowder treason and plot

As it’s Halloween today I figured there was no point in doing another post on it, instead I’d do one about the 5th of November.  For the Yanks who read this blog, the 5th of November is when us Brits let off fireworks and put an effigy made out of old clothes and stuffed with newspaper onto a bonfire.  The effigy represents Guy Fawkes, the man, who with a band of others plotted to blow up the houses of parliament and the King in 1605.  November the 5th of that year Londoners were encouraged to light bonfires in celebration of the King escaping assassination.  Todays Bonfire night is based on this, if you want to know more take a look at Wikipedia.  Before writing this post I didn’t know it was based on celebrating the Kings escape, who knew the British were so patriotic about the Royal family? I thought it was only to replicate the attempt of blowing up the houses of parliament. I’m not sure my old History teacher Mrs Goulden would be impressed.

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Anyway, history lesson done, I’ve always loved Bonfire night.  The most memorable was when my Mum and Dad had a firework party, Dad created a huge bonfire in the back garden, all the children were wrapped up warm, sparklers came out and the bonfire left a huge patch on the lawn, it was cordoned off for the next six ish months to recover.  I can’t remember much of it but the photos showed all the crew having a wonderful time.  As I got older I was taken to the field around the corner to watch them, luckily now I’ve moved into a house that backs onto said field, the loft conversion is vaguely completed and we’re able to sit inside in the warm and watch them from the comfort of our own home.  Bertie loves them and even gets excited when Disney shows them at the beginning of a film going up behind the Disney castle.

Even though we won’t be buying any I thought some of you may be interested in Tescos offers on Fireworks.  With 25% savings they are worth taking a look at if you’re hosting your own party.

Happy halloween everyone and I hope you don’t get too many tricksters at your door.