Meal Plan Monday

A couple of years ago James and I decided to banish the daily pain, trial and chore of choosing what to have each evening for dinner and plan out our meals for the week on a Sunday night. It tends to work in practice by me scouring the fridge, seeing what we have and building a menu trying to use up the previous week’s scraps. Usually that’s some manky old vegetables that are withering in the bottom drawer about to lose their will to live that I try to revive into delicious dinners. Try being the operative word.

Most recently we’ve been eating the cupboards and the freezer as the Big Move is happening very soon but we’ve done so well on that that we’re back to planning our meals for the next few weeks. It feels wholly liberating to have an empty freezer, but then James went and bought 10 huge packets of bacon that was on sale. Why? I just don’t know. What I am well aware of though is that we’re going to have to transport all of it later this month. I like bacon, well I love it but even that’s overload for me.

So this is our plan for the week. My American friends often save one night for leftovers but we tend to under cook with small portions and if there’s any left over we have it for the next day’s lunch. Friday’s we tend to have a burger after swimming hence the lack of entry. Not because we perform a Friday fast. Recently planning has taken a more difficult turn because I’m on a ridiculous elimination diet due to some recurring health ishoos. So I try to sub the carb portion for some kind of veg. The best worst so far has been bolognaise on green beans. Yum.

Monday Barbequed pork, salad and crash hot potatoes

Every week we tend to do a meat, salad and potatoes night. Picking up whatever meat looks good at the Butchers and throwing it on the barbecue, putting together a salad of whatever we have but always these potatoes. They are the best.

Tuesday Sweet potato breakfast skillet – doesn’t look the best but tastes pretty amazing

Wednesday Lentil, butternut squash, rocket and feta salad

Thursday Bacon, broccoli and creme fraiche pasta.  Here’s a similar recipe, we just sub broccoli instead of mushrooms and I’ll have it on spaghetti squash or courgette ribbons.

Friday After swim supper somewhere

Saturday Home made pizza and mine will have a cauliflower crust

Sunday  Roast Chicken with 40 cloves of garlic and veg