Lighting the way on Bonfire Night

Sometimes it really sucks being an adult and around Christmas-time I feel this a little more every year. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas; the food, the carols, the parties and especially in these parts, the German Christmas markets. What I’m beginning to resent just a bit is my Mum’s usual October-time question of “what do you and James want from us this year?”. I sound super spoilt I know, and I really don’t mean to. It’s just rather than the decadent things I really want, like clothes, clothes and possibly more clothes, I find myself loudly brainstorming lamps, pillows and last night, the cherry on the top of the cake tumbled out of my mouth; possibly a new toothbrush. I mean, come on, a toothbrush? Obviously I mean electric not a £1.99 Colgate jobbie but still, how completely dull.

As we’re about to move to a new house – still yet to be found I might add, (Christmas in a hotel is looking increasingly more likely) I actually think that it might well be a lamp or two or three. German houses are weird and have their electricity sockets and light switches in the same fitting so more often than not they’re usually half way up the wall. Not the best look I can tell you. In a concerted effort to give my Mum an early answer I have been surfing the old internet. I’ve been mightily surprised and impressed with BHS and their current Lighting Event with up to 50% off.

The table lamps are just lovely

BHS table lamps

Ulrica large table lamp was £80.00 now £56.00

Arabella Table Lamp Was £100.00 now £50.00

Cream Large Harris Table Lamp was £70.00 now £49.00

Gold Chloe Table Lamp was £80.00 now £64.00

Leon Table Lamp was £90.00 now £63.00

as are the floor lamps

BHS floor lamps

Leo Floor Lamp was £150.00 now £105.00

Laser Cut Out Floor Lamp was £70.00 now £35.00

Torchiere Floor Lamp was £90.00 now £63.00

Maybe being a grown-up isn’t that bad after all!