25% off brightly coloured plastic to fill your house with

Before I had children I thought I would be one of those Mothers who only feeds their child organic food, I was never going to use the TV as a babysitter, I would discipline them to ensure we wouldn’t go through a tantrum stage and the toys would all made of wood (eco-friendly) none of that plastic rubbish.  Just over three years in, Bertie loves tomato ketchup out of the bottle, Abney and Teal is used as a bargaining tool in an attempt to contain a tantrum and our front room is full of brightly coloured plastic tat toys.  Looking back to my childhood and the toys my Mum has retrieved from the loft, brightly coloured plastic was all I had, I have no idea why I thought I’d deprive my children of this, who doesn’t love it?  If you’re one of those who says “me” you clearly haven’t been introduced to the Rolls Royce of plastic crap, Fisher Price.

If you take a look at Smyths at the moment they have 25% off selected Fisher Price toys.  One I’m particularly taken with is the Discover N Grow Jumperoo at £74.99.  When Bertie was small I really wanted him to have one but at the time we didn’t have much money and we were given something similar for Christmas, however when he was put in one he absolutely loved it, kicking his legs about and playing with all the toys.  If you take a look at Mumsnet and the reviews for this product it is given four stars out of five, one mother even stating they’d rather sell their car than the Jumperoo.

Photocredit | http://www.smythstoys.com
Photocredit | http://www.smythstoys.com

There are other toys on offer which look just as appealing for the Pre School child.  Happy tat shopping.