Carry on baby

Lucy bought this sling when she had Emmie, at the time I had been lent a Moby wrap so I didn’t have the need to buy one.  The Moby wrap was excellent during the first two months with Bertie but after he became a bit to heavy for me to carry him in it.  This time I found the Manduca carrier on offer back in March and decided to buy it.  I know Lucy still uses hers with Emmie and she is three years old.  I’m finding it really easy to use and can be used from birth, I’ve only just started to use it with Evie.  She loves how close she feels inside it and just sleeps, it makes the school run much easier when I’m not allowed to take the buggy right up to the front door.  With the cross over back I feel the weight of the baby is fully supported over my whole body instead of putting strain on certain parts.  This sling can also be used with a larger child as either a hip carrier or back carrier making it fully multifunctional.  Even though this sling is more expensive than other high street ones, they more often than not can’t be used with a child up to 20kg, so therefore a better investment.  Mothercare are selling them at £86, reduced from £99.

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If you don’t own a sling and want more information take a look at the NCT website for the different types.  It may be a good idea to attend a sling library, take a look at this website to find the nearest one to you.  I do think trying them yourself is always the best way to work out which one is best for you as everyone has different preferences and uses for them.