Faking my face, smoothing my skin – let’s talk Foundation

Cutting your coat to suit your cloth is a phrase I’ve had to embrace and live out over the last 4 years. Once upon a time, not all that long ago, I had kind of a good job, paying kind of a lot of money and I could buy anything my heart desired. Really I could. James and I had a lifestyle that we literally can only dream about these days. Naturally we do count our Emmie-Joey blessings but sometimes it would be nice to decide on a Friday to drop everything and whisk ourselves off for the weekend without a care in the bank balance world.

So not only have our weekend retreats suffered, as has my personal grooming regime. Whereas back in those days Chanel Vitalumière was my only foundation of choice, I had to downgrade slightly to Estée Lauder on arrival of Baby #1. Now that we are sporting 2 children in the back seat of our family-mobile I’ve reduced my (essential – have you seen my dark circles?) face make-up spending yet again to help boost Revlon’s annual profits.

Even though I buy everything in U.S. dollars which in the Health and Beauty world go a lot further than our British pounds, I started to not be able to justify the higher price when I was a) caking my face because of my extreme tiredness manifesting on my visage and b) because the Style & Beauty pages on Mumsnet were awash with amazing reviews on Revlon’s ColorStay Makeup. You have a choice between a combo/oily skin formula (SPF 6) or a normal/dry skin one which has the added bonus of SPF15.

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 10.35.47 AM

My initial problem was picking the right shade. Where I am, there are no Revlon Ladies ready to pounce and help. So, I brazenly picked up my Estée Lauder Ivory Beige colour, took it to the Revlon display and did my own colour matching. Dulux has nothing on me! It worked a treat and I’m so impressed. It glides on smoothly and easily. Looks natural and pretty flawless and apparently has some super SoftFlex technology that means it won’t rub off with normal wear.  Coverage levels are medium to full so sometimes I mix it with a bit of moisturizer for a lighter touch. It really doesn’t wear throughout the day like some so I’m very happy. That said, it’s easy to clean off at night with light washing and toner.

I’m a bit of a grease-monster but there’s none of that horrible excess oil and tell-tale shine. I really do love it and at generally a third of the price of my previous brand, it’s definitely a winner and huge saving to me.

It’s £12.49 at Superdrug and £12.49 at Boots.

I think you should try it, you won’t be disappointed.