Do I want Tracy Anderson’s body? Yes please

I’m just over four weeks post partum and as I’m due to be a bridesmaid in December It’s time I started to think about trying to regain my previous body, preferably the one I had on my wedding day.  Obviously this isn’t going to happen in five weeks but I can at least try to tone up and look good.  After I had Bertie I used the Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy Workout and I remember it working well.

You’ll need a mat and some weights, bottles of water filled can be just as good.  She starts with a warm up, followed by abdominal toning.  One is ABS workout, ABS workout with weights and core ABS workout with mat.  It’s hard, if you watch it first without doing it don’t be fooled into thinking it’s going to be easy, especially if you didn’t do much abdominal toning before pregnancy.

This is followed by a leg workout, arms, arms with weights and a cool down.  The arm workout section feels like it’s ballet but if it gives me her arms who cares? Certainly not me, until it feels like they’re about to drop off.

I like her method and it works, after the first week I started to notice a difference in my stomach, I mainly did the three ABS sections.  I like the way each area is divided into chapters on the DVD so if you don’t have time to complete the whole programme you can  pick the required area.  She recommends it should be done at least four to six times a week and I think as soon as I’ve had the go ahead I’ll be aiming for every day and do at least two sections.  During her interview she advises the mat work should be accompanied by cardio but at the moment I don’t think I’ll be starting that until after Christmas, apart from walking everywhere.

Tracy Anderson post pregnancy dvd

I really recommend this DVD even if you didn’t have a toned stomach pre pregnancy. It’s something you need to stick with it and do on a regular basis to see the results and I’ll guarantee once you see your belly going down it’s a great motivator to continue.

Amazon have it for £5.05 including free delivery, a bargain if you decide to give it ago and try to achieve her body.