Tis the season to be jolly/drunk fa la la la la la la la la

I don’t care if anyone thinks it’s too early for Christmas, well maybe far too early to put the Christmas tree up, decorations, have presents wrapped, cards written, it’s definitely not too early to embrace the mulled wine.  I went to a 2nd birthday party just over a week ago and it was a mixture of bonfire and christmas in one, the best of both worlds.  The children were causing havoc in the sitting room whilst all the parents were slowly drinking their way through the mulled wine sitting on the stove being topped up every 20 min, after sausages and chips out of a cone (children had the cheap chips, the adults Tesco Finest) off went the fireworks.  The mums were stood in the kitchen going oooooooo, ahhhhhhh whilst trying not to look too tipsy, I do love a good 2nd birthday party.  Anyway, more importantly it was the mulled wine that made the party.

Tesco mulled wine

Last week at the supermarket for some reason I wanted a magazine, I had a look at Hello, Red and Closer (for a cheap option) and then stumbled across Good Housekeeping, I have no idea why, it was the Christmas edition, the front looked beautiful and I had images of trying to replicate it in my house as you do but the likelihood is very slim, I’m still not sure what possessed me to buy it.  Moving swiftly on, they have the Christmas tried and tested in this one including mulled wine.  I’ve had a quick look at all of them and at the moment the Tesco Mulled Wine is on offer at £3.49 a bottle.  It came in third with 68/100, behind Sainsburys Taste the Difference and Marks and Spencers Red Mulled Wine.  This is the one I normally recommend and buy, then I decant into a huge pan, add a chopped orange to look authentic but sod it, who really cares once it’s in the cup and everyone is drunk?  Unfortunately due to a new baby and my best friends wedding we’re not hosting any parties this year otherwise I’d be off to the supermarket now to stock up.