Feeding time toddler style

As we are in the process of having our loft being converted all of our extra possessions are either in the middle of the room in the loft or on top of our wardrobe.  One I keep looking at and thinking it’s going to be coming out in the next five months is our high chair.  We have a cheapo Ikea Antilop one with a tray, it’s amazing.  You may look at it and think I’d rather a beautiful wooden one, which I thought myself when I bought it but our budget wouldn’t allow for it but I have to say this one is exactly what every mother needs.  It’s plastic for a start, no extra padding with sewing, so when you want to clean it you can chuck it outside and attack it with the hose pipe for ease, wash it down with a cloth very quickly or even take it apart and put it in the dishwasher (the later is actually the hardest to do).  When it has extra padding and sewing you have to take it fully apart and try to clean the food (which inevitably happens) out of the crevices.  I’ve tried to do this at other peoples houses and it’s not easy I assure you, the cheapo Ikea one is far superior when cleaning is required.  It does take up quite a bit of space in the kitchen as the legs come out at an angle but when the baby is at the table it’s fine, just not easy to leave up if space is limited however it is really simple to dismantle.  To take apart all you need to do is press the buttons on the legs and pull out and then you’re left with a seat, tray and four legs, it packs down really small.  This is great if you need to travel anywhere with it, when Bertie was small we attended a wedding where all the other parents had brought theirs along as well.  There is a belt attached to keep little monkeys inside the chair, initially I wasn’t using this until one day I caught Bertie standing up and trying to climb out, then it was used religiously.  It comes in three colours, white, blue and red and if you want to push the boat out you can buy a padded cushion to fit around the chair, I didn’t have one and didn’t feel at a loss without it.

Ikea antilop high chair

So if you’re thinking about buying a high chair I cannot recommend this one highly enough, being priced at £13 it may not be beautiful and go with your other furniture but it’s worth your babys weight in gold with how easy it is to use.