Monday Meal Planning

Unlike Lucy I’ve never planned a weeks worth of meals on a Monday, I normally stroll down to my local butchers or fishmongers and pick what I fancy that day and stop at the greengrocer for vegetables to compliment the dish.  I’m going to give it try this week, so here goes.


Roast chicken, roasted veg, cous cous with feta cheese (saving the juices and bones to made a stock for Tuesday).


Chicken pie, made with the left overs from above, the roux is made with the homemade chicken stock, white wine and a dash of milk.  Served with steamed broad beans and carrots. If you’re not sure how to get that wonderful golden brown colour on the top of your puff pastry all you need is an egg and some soft cheese, whisk both together and dab on top, the pie comes out looking divine.


A large chicken will feed us for three meals because Bertie doesn’t eat much, so more left overs again but chucked into a Jamie Oliver style curry.  Curry paste (if it’s good enough for Jamie it’s good enough for me), coconut milk, any veg from the fridge then the chicken thrown in at the end to heat up.  Served with poppadoms popped in the microwave, mango chutney and rice.


To try to steer away from meat and use ingredients I already have I’m going to try this pea and broad bean risotto.


Fish day, I’ll be really lazy so it’ll be fish fingers and breaded fish into the oven with sweet potato wedges, peas and tartare sauce.


Treat day and with just the two of us there isn’t any point getting the fondue out so we’ll bake a camembert with garlic and oil, served with a selection of cold meats, gherkins and fresh baguette from the bakery that morning, washed down with a bottle of Merlot from Aldi (I’ve discovered an amazing one for £4.90) whilst watching Strictly Come Dancing.  The perfect way to round the week off when we’re not able to go out boozing.


Who knows, probably a roast of some sort.