Is this the miracle moisturiser?

So having been asked by one Blog reader what face moisturising products we’d recommend, both Amy and I suggested trying out Nivea Crème even though neither of us had ever used it before. An untested recommendation is not really our style although we did have it on great authority (our Mum who has basically been the instigator of all of our differing beauty regimes throughout the years) that this was a good’un.

Mum’s been in Germany with me loads recently (like once a month since August – I’m nearly benefiting from her retirement as much as Amy is!) so I’ve been stealthily trying it out whilst she’s had her toiletries lingering in my bathroom. So much so that she basically handed me the pot when she left last Saturday and said I might as well have it. Thanks Mum – free will always be the best price to pay for things. And do you know what? I really like it. She had the Nivea Soft Refreshingly Soft Moisturising Cream because apparently it’s easier to rub into older skin. Well I’m not 60 quite yet but it is lovely and very, umm, soft. It rubs in a treat and doesn’t leave a hint of greasiness. My skin just feels super hydrated and, yep, you guessed it, soft.

I’ve been using it night and day for about 10 days now and I’m convinced. It’s so cheap and on every supermarket and drugstore shelf. The texture of my skin has changed and I’m prone to horrible spot break outs if I don’t manage my diet and stress-levels incredibly carefully but this seems to be making a positive difference. We’re currently living in temporary accommodation, having packed up the house, moving location in a week with still no confirmation on the new house. Stress-city but my face doesn’t seem to be demonstrating the anxiety as usual. Coincidence? Possibly. But I don’t actually think so.


Superdrug has a save up to £1.00 on selected Nivea promotion currently and both the original and soft products are included.

Nivea Crème was £3.39 is now £2.39 for 200ml at Superdrug

Nivea Soft Refreshingly Soft Moisturising Cream was £4.25 is now £3.25 for 200ml at Superdrug

You should pop it in your shopping basket and let me know what you think.