Storksak changing bags at a mind-blowingly low price

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 3.06.26 PMNow this is a Christmas deal if there ever was one! With Emmie I joined the masses that form Buggy-central on Bristol’s Gloucester Road with my free, practical yet dull, Boots changing bag. Black so it hid the dirt. Small, but it just about fit everything inside at a squash and a push. It served me well until I decided that I really didn’t like it and I wanted something a bit more sophisticated.

This time around I knew that I needed something larger and with more pockets as I had to act as a carthorse to two hungry, thirsty, vomity children. I spent hours trawling the internet but kept coming back to the Storksak collection at John Lewis. My Mum bought me the tan Elizabeth which I still love as it just about masks itself as a normal bag with tardis-like capabilities for all the junk I have to have on me in order to be prepared at all times. I have to admit it wasn’t cheap, but in the pursuit of being a Saving Sister I was super excited to find out today that the Storksak website has an outlet section.

Storksak2Nine of the changing bags are at ridiculously low, knocked down price because in their words they are “slightly less than perfect but still perfectly usable. They might have been used in photo shoots, been on display in the showroom or manufactured with a slight fault. Overall they are of excellent quality but they cannot sell them as “first” stock“. Who cares? Changing bags are knocked, scratched, dragged, soaked on a daily basis so it’s only a matter of seconds before a brand new bag gets its first injury. When you’ve paid a fraction of the full price you wince much less than when the credit card’s been hit at full pelt.StorksakAt RRP the most expensive of these is the Ellena at £245.00 but the outlet price is a mere £80.00. The cheapest that you can score is the Aubrey at £30.00. The rest fall somewhere in between. For more information check out the Storksak Outlet.