Baby it’s cold outside

Winter has fully set in and venturing outside with a six week old baby and a toddler can be a bit of a challenge.  Evie hates having her arms and legs rammed into an all in one winter suit, so I’ve taken to wrapping her up in blankets.  I have been given a couple of beautiful ones for her, one was even lovingly made by a friend with unicorns on, if you’ve seen the Mulberry Christmas advert a Mulberry bag is the only thing that can top a unicorn, if you havent take a look.  Anyway back to baby blankets, I’ve noticed there are quite a few beautiful ones in the sales. Mamas and Papas and Mothercare.

baby blankets

baby blankets

On researching blankets I was looking at The White Company to see what they were selling, even though they didn’t have any blankets in the sale I found a delightful jumper and cardigan I couldn’t resist sharing.

the white company baby jumpers