Meal Plan Monday – the temporary accommodation version

So we arrived at our new base in Spangdahlem, Germany last night. It was probably the quickest PCS (Permanent Change of Station) in history as it took just under 75 minutes to get here from our old base. Most people wait longer to check in at the airport than it took for us to leave Ramstein and arrive up the road. The temperature dropped 5°C though in that 72 miles and snow is forecast this week. Which is typical as I didn’t even think to bring the snowsuits and newly purchased boots with us as the weather’s been so mild recently.

Anyway, I digress. This past week I’ve gradually increased my gluten and sugar consumption just because hotel living is so incompatible with eating cleanly. Add two Christmas Markets and their requisite glühwein, lebkuchen (see below and then tell me you’d have abstained?) and bratwurst gluttony into the mix and I’ve utterly abandoned my healthy habits.

Christmas Markets This is what the new kitchen in our third hotel in a week (we stayed in Nürnberg over the weekend) looks like and this is what I prepared in it last night. Impressed?!


So, as I’m working with something a little more substantial and practical, I thought it was high time we got back on it. Don’t let me mismanage your expectations; there’s only about 5 pieces of equipment to chose from but I’ve had my fill of eating out and I’m ready to start cooking myself again. There won’t be anything new or complicated listed. Just easy, nutritious and vegetable-laden fare.

Monday Twice baked potatoes with cheese & bacon and a big green side salad

Tuesday Herb-filled omelette and a mixed salad

Wednesday Summer-in-winter chicken and veg

Thursday Toad in the hole (and more veg)

Friday Roasted winter veg and quinoa, possiby with some feta on the top

Saturday and Sunday More Christmas Market deliciousness!