Father Christmas, this may interest you?

Even though I haven’t quite managed to buy all of my Christmas presents I’ve been looking at the ones already purchased and I’m dreading the wrapping.  Most years it’s been me who does it all, apart from my present from my husband however last year we worked out a great system, one evening, one bottle of wine, one roll of sellotape, numerous rolls of wrapping paper, my husband and I blitzed it in three hours.  It’s all about the team effort.  If it was possible I would still want a wrapping elf and I don’t trust my husband to do it alone, he would be attempting Smithy’s (from Gavin and Stacy) technique and use tin foil, “you don’t need no sellotape, just scrunch and done”, I can understand the theory but even I can’t stoop that low.

Back to wrapping paper, even though it’s torn off by the children and thrown/recycled away it still needs to be bought and I’ve found a few deals.

Marks and Spencer have a range which they are selling for 2 for 3 and each is £3.50.  The Stag and Stanta are 3m in length, Penguins 4m, Christmas Pudding 8m, Gold 3m.

Marks and Spencer wrapping paper

Debenhams have their multipacks on offer, including four 1.5m gift wrap, eight decorative bows, eight gift tags and two curling ribbons, all 50% off and £4.

Debenhams wrapping paper

This one is my favourite, I loathe spending a lot of money on wrapping paper that Father Christmas is using and Poundland are selling some great ones.  The first ones show their three for £1 range, all 3m long.  The second isn’t on offer but just as good, the Character ones are all 3m long with the penguins being 5m, all are extra wide.  I can’t imagine the quality is amazing and it probably tears very easily but surely this is better for the little ones on Christmas morning?

Poundland wrapping paper

Poundland wrapping paper

Happy wrapping.