Baby it’s STILL cold outside

We’ve been bracing and embracing the cold temperatures here in central Europe for the past week or so now. This was us in Nürnburg last weekend.


We were layered up to the max and consequentially were all warm and toasty as we checked out all that the Christmas Markets had to offer. Germany at Christmas time is especially lovely and if you’ve never had the opportunity to go, you really should put it on the bucket list.

German Christmas Markets

Ours was rather a ghetto type of layering. Joseph, Emmie and I all had tights on under our trousers and James donned a pair of running tights. Joe was wearing Emmie’s even though there’s 28 months and 10 inches between them. Interestingly they weren’t that big on him, especially on the foot. But, feeling bad that he had to suffer the Nora Batty discomfort, I popped into H&M and bought him his own pair of “strumpfhosen”. All the German boys wear them and mighty practical they are too. Tights for all I say.

Aldi quite handily is having its Ski Wear Event starting tomorrow and you can prepare slightly better  and more expertly for the cold than we did.

If you’re looking for proper Ski stuff then these are a bargain:

Aldi Ski Wear Event 2014
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Or if it’s cold weather clothing you want then check these out

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Such ridiculously cheap prices. As always, make sure your quick. They will likely run out of stock pretty quickly.