A touch of Christmas flirt with a brand new miniskirt

After deciding very last minute that we were going to go to James’ new squadron’s Christmas party last week, I had all of about 5.5 seconds in our nearest city (that was full of Christmas Market tourists all glugging mulled wine) to find an appropriate outfit. Not having the foggiest idea what would be suitable because a) my husband had failed to ask any questions in terms of dress code or theme and b) I knew no one so knew nothing, I settled on a new top and heels.

But, whilst I was running around getting hotter and sweatier I couldn’t help but linger over the many many lovely miniskirts in the shops this Christmas. So much so that I’ve already decided to go back and buy one for Christmas Day even though it is highly highly unlikely anyone outside of my immediate family will see it. But it’s Christmas and I’ll dress up if I want to.

Bear in mind that I’m restricted to European labels here in my Tri-border region so there’s not the usual mainstream High Street brands in today’s shortlist.

Christmas mini skirts 1

1. Mango Tweed miniskirt £34.99

2. H&M Patterned skirt Nat. white/Metallic £19.99

3. ONLY Melisa Tartan Skater Skirt (identical to one that I found in Vero Moda) £22.00

Christmas mini skirts 2

4. Vero Moda Leo knit miniskirt at House of Fraser £22.00

5. Zara Faux Leather skirt £25.99

I love them all but can you guess which ones I tried on and which one I’m buying?!