A sign I’m a true grown up, a Christmas wreath hangs from my front door.

Our Christmas decorations are going up this week and one that makes me feel grown up is my Christmas wreath for my front door (not being married with two children and a house).  It’s not the best one in the world but it’ll have to do for this year but I thought I’d take a look and see what’s on offer. I’ve had a look at a few shops and the best ones I can find come from TK Maxx, so here are:

christmas wreaths tk maxx

1.  40 cm fir leaf wreath with pinecones, £13.00.

2. 38cm, gold and green leaf wreath, £13.00.

3, 61cm classic green floral wreath, £16.00.

4, 50cm leaf and pine cone wreath flowers, £16.00.

christmas wreaths tk maxx


5. Wooden twig wreath with red bow, £13.00.

6.Brown glittered pine cone wreath, 43cm, £10.00.


I particularly like number 7 but it’s not for the front door, it would make a lovely centrepiece for your Christmas table, £9.99.

But you know how it works with TK Maxx, once it’s gone it’s gone, so if you’re interested I’d buy it now.