Meal Plan Monday – I have all my kitchen stuff!

So, this is our first full week in the new house. I am conveniently forgetting that I have rooms full of strewn packing paper that needs to be burned or at least removed and there are clothes everywhere because our wardrobes haven’t arrived yet but my downstairs is sorted. As is, most importantly the kitchen.

German kitchens are notorious for being smaller than a shoe box with no worktop space but the size of the one in our new house was one of the major selling points. Both James and I are excited to be somewhere where the oven is brand new, the dishwasher actually cleans the dishes (despite my less than stellar loading ability) and there’s a gargantuan pantry. Military life is such that there’s rarely any choice in these matters and it feels like you’ve stumbled upon gold when the scale tips in your favour.

So, as promised a few weeks ago, I have literally opened up Martha Stewart’s One Pot and chosen this week’s menu.

Monday Pork Stew with potatoes and rosemary (can’t find the recipe on the internet)

Tuesday Chickpea stew with pesto (notice a stew theme here!)

Wednesday Lentil soup with cauliflower and cheese

Thursday Roast chicken and salad

Friday Classic chicken soup

Saturday It’s still Christmas Market season so some seasonal market fare, namely gluhwein and bratwurst.

Sunday James can figure that one. I’m done for the week.

It’s nearly Christmas peeps!