Chomping on hands and getting irritable, surely it can’t be teething yet…can it?

Even though she is only nine weeks old I can feel something hard on the top of Evie’s gums.  I’m waiting for the red cheeks to arrive, horrible nappies, a lot of crying and extra feeding sessions.  We had it with Bertie this time three years ago and I remember being on my knees with tiredness by the time Christmas day had arrived.  We’re not quite at the stage of needing drugs but she keeps shoving her whole hand into her mouth and chomping on it, sometimes making herself sick… oh the joy.

sophie the giraffe

With Bertie we had a Sophie and we managed to find it amongst all his toys to discover it was rotting, even though I’m annoyed it didn’t last it was so useful last time I’m prepared to get another one.  Sophie has been around for over 50 years and was the concept of Monsieur Rampeau who decided to produce an exotic animal toy made out of natural rubber for teething babies.  The toy went into production on the 25th May which is St Sophie’s day thus her name was given.  The giraffe is a great idea due to the four long legs, neck, ears and horns which are easy for babies or toddlers to grip onto whilst they chew.  The rubber used is 100% natural, making it very safe to chew and the feel is smooth.

One aspect which Bertie particularly enjoyed was it’s squeak, I wouldn’t recommend washing it in the dishwasher or having it near a dog, both will ruin Sophie’s voice.  This makes a great gift for those who aren’t in the know, or if you have a teething baby needing something to chomp on. Even though normally it is quite expensive, Amazon is selling them much cheaper at £10.39 right now including delivery.

Maybe I should stock up on Calpol, teething granules and teething gels too just in case I am in for the long haul over Christmas.