Christmas shopping list

I initially started to think about what I would be having for dinner this week and then I remembered it’s Christmas week, I didn’t think anyone would be inspired by my Christmas diet of ham sandwiches, roast goose and leftovers.  On writing a list of every we need for the week baby wipes came up. I only use huggies because all the others fall apart in my hands or several get used on one wee nappy.  I not going to bother discussing this further, as a bum wipe is just that, nothing more.

Huggies wipes

The three main supermarkets have deals on them at the moment.

Asda, 12 packs for £9, making them 75p a pack.

Tesco, 9 packs for £7, making them 78p a pack.

Sainsburys, 2 packs of 4 (8 packets for) for £6, making them 75p a pack.

Morrisons, each pack is £1.