Monday Meal Planning – 2015 will be a healthy one (at least to start with)

It’s that time of year again and I’m needing to shed some extra baby weight.  I haven’t been able to commence the Tracy Anderson post natal workout DVD yet because my stomach muscles still haven’t quite come back together and it’s mainly crunches for the stomach which can make it worse. So instead I’m healthy eating to help shift the bulk and Buggyfitting next friday for my exercise.  So here is my healthy(ish) meal plan for the week.

Monday Homemade chicken gyros with tzaziki and pitta bread.  I’ll substitute the greek yoghurt with low-fat yoghurt.

Tuesday Baked salmon with pesto on top, served with green beans and new potatoes.

Wednesday Chicken stir fry, including mangetout, carrots, baby sweetcorn, served with noodles. If you’re feeling indulgent egg fried rice is always great with a stir fry.  Whisk eggs and add to the wok, scramble the eggs then add the cooked rice, a drop of sesame oil gives it a great taste.

Thursday Chickpea curry with rice, no poppadoms or naan this week.

Friday Fishcakes and salad

Saturday Chicken Fajitas, tortillas, small amounts of sour cream, refried beans and cheese.

Sunday Roast dinner of some sort but I won’t be using the goose fat left over from Christmas on the potatoes, it’ll be boiled ones and only two for me.

Happy healthy eating!