Is it time for a holiday yet?

We’ve only just entered into the murky depths of January and already holiday planning is on my mind. Living where we do in central Europe we do a lot of traveling and city breaks with the children but in the summer we still do try to take one longer holiday where we can relax a little and wind down (as much as you can with 2 very small children).

Last year on the advice and suggestion of Peppa Pig (yes, seriously) and some constant toddler demanding we decided to give camping a try. Ok, so I’m not completely insane and wasn’t about to buy all the gear as I really didn’t have any idea, so we plumped for a Eurocamp holiday.

The tent and children’s bathroom

Joe was just 5 months old when we did it so it really is incredibly family friendly. Emmie was beyond excited that she had a pink sleeping bag and that we were going to sleep in a TENT. I was slightly nervous and James said if it all failed, we’d just drive home. What did we have to lose? Not much.

For just £600 we booked a 10 day multi-site trip and stayed on campsites at Lake Constance, Bavaria, Germany and Zell Am See in the Austrian Alps. Everything, except the kitchen sink, was provided in the tent including electricity, beds, a big fridge and stove, tables, chairs, a barbeque and sun loungers. There was even a mirror so I could see my lack of make-up on a daily basis and baby items like a high chair, travel cot and potty.

The washrooms on both were absolutely incredible. Like, nicer than a 5* hotel. And so clean. I think that might be more down to the sites being German and Austrian though. The photo above is of Emmie in the children’s bathroom and it was woodland themed with child height loos, showers and sinks. Both campsites had great swimming pools and children’s facilities including kids clubs, playgrounds and trampolines so Emmie bounced all of her energy out at the end of each day. Between the fresh air, daily exploring and jumping we slept like teenagers and had just the best time.

Some of the sights in Meersburg, Innsbruck, Salzburg and the Austrian Alps
Some of the sights in Meersburg, Innsbruck, Salzburg and the Austrian Alps

I highly highly recommend this option for a family holiday to everyone. If camping really isn’t your thing there are also mobile homes, holiday homes and even tree houses to choose from!

Admittedly, we don’t have the ferry to contend with and are already well situated to visit these countries. But honestly, if my less than hardy, outdoorsy family can do it and loved it then most people will have an absolute ball. We’re just deciding where to go this year. The French Alps are calling my name…

I get great offers and deals from them on a regular basis from signing up to their newsletter. Currently Eurocamp has save up to 25% on tent holidays and book two holidays and save 40% off the second.

If you have any questions at all, I’d be happy to answer them.


Tip: If  you’re booking from Europe, use the Irish website as it’s priced in Euros.


Disclaimer – this is not a sponsored post.