Amy’s small attempt at a more toned body 2015 in January

I haven’t been able to start my Tracy Anderson post natal DVD because my stomach muscles haven’t fully come back together.  When I think back to 30-Day Shred I remember doing a lot of squats and press ups, my arms were amazing and for the first time in my life I could do a real push up.  My husband and I had a push up contest when I was last doing the Shred and he made me go first just to make sure he did at least one more. I think he was humoring me but it still felt pretty good to think I could do roughly the same as him.

Now, I need more energy and I’m not sure one Buggyfit session a week is going to be enough.  Do I join the Gym (again)? They have a crèche I can put the baby into and go when Bertie is at pre-school? I know in the long run it’ll be a waste of money, even if I do have a friend who has the most slender body from doing kettlebells (maybe in a few months!)

Nope none of that for me quite yet so I’ve been trying to do the squat challenge instead. I’m on day three and just completed 60 squats.  My legs are a little achy but I was trying to break myself in last week in preparation for the 30-Day Shred hmmm maybe tomorrow I’ll be less tired and watch it just to remind myself of what is to come and think about doing it soon so it hasn’t been too bad.

30 day squat challenge

Apparently this squat challenge is the most popular and gives the best results if you do it religiously.  You need to watch your posture when you’re doing it to make sure you’re doing it right.  I reckon I’ll have a bum like Kim Kardashian by the time I’m done, my bum has always been as flat as a pancake so it should be interesting.

30 day squatimage








How do people manage with two children, lack of sleep and exercising? Lucy any tips?  Lucy is the dedicated sister to fitness not me, so if I can do this challenge there is still 24 days to go then anyone can.