A Green Start to the New Year – earth-friendly children’s books and puzzles

An invite to a birthday party here is always met with slight panic and immediate mental arithmetic to work out the Amazon order & arrival time equation. Seeing as that’s generally based upon a best-guess algorithm, the usual answer is “Nope, not enough time” and off to the BX (Base Exchange – which is our big shop that sells everything) we go. Along with everyone else that’s been invited. So the chances of doubling up are incredibly high as the toy section is hugely pathetic.

As a result, I’ve taken to heading straight for the Innovative Kids green start display and making a purchase from there. By the looks of our playroom, so do a lot of the Mums here as Emmie has a pretty impressive collection of their puzzles as well. I love them!

Green Start 1

Their tagline is “Good for your child; good for the world!”`  The earth-friendly green start line features puzzles, games, books and more made from 98% post consumer recycled materials, FSC wood, and eco friendly inks.   Every green start product is designed to encourage a love of nature and features simple messages that children will understand and enjoy.

Green Start 2

Packaged in reusable toteboxes we love the 35-piece floor puzzles as well as the matching pairs games and jigsaws. Definitely a winning gift whether it’s for a friend or your own children.

I’ve only been able to find these products stocked on amazon.co.uk and the range is limited but reasonably priced. All the better for a unique gift that you know won’t be duplicated at the party!