Bums on seats

When we were wrapping Bertie’s old toys for Father Christmas to give to Evie we came across his Bumbo seat.  It was going to use too much wrapping paper so naturally we didn’t bother to turn it into a present and just left it out.  Bertie the hated the Bumbo and I remember thinking what a waste of money, I can’t believe I bought it when I could have got something else.  I know you’re not suppose to have them in it on raised surfaces but (we’ve all done something we’re not suppose to) he was on the kitchen worktop and hated it so much he threw himself back hitting his head on the kitchen scales behind, the shock on his face was hilarious and I couldn’t stop laughing, he didn’t know what to make of it and took a good minute to start crying I’m still awaiting my mother of the year award.

Mothercare Bumbo

Evie is nearly three months old, jeez where has the time gone? She’s isn’t what I consider a slight girl so we sat her in it and her bum fitted perfectly.  We’ve been using the Bumbo and to my surprise she’s enjoying it, especially when Peter Rabbit is on and Bertie is playing around her.  So luckily it wasn’t a waste of money after all.  It fully supports her in the sitting position and really handy when we’re eating breakfast/lunch/dinner, instead of being in the bouncy chair on the floor, we put her on the table to join in the chat.  It’s not for every baby but if yours enjoys being sat up I would recommend trying the Bumbo and Mothercare are selling them for £34.99 with a tray in red.



p.s. I’ve done day five of the squat challenge, 70 squats DONE.