Saturday Sportswear Amazingness

I was perusing H&M in pursuit of writing another post when the first page that popped up on my screen (I look at this page a lot!) was the sale on Ladies Sportswear.  I’ve also been following Gap and Primark on Instagram recently and their Sportswear posts have been some of my favourites, so I thought I’d give you a glimpse too.

So, here you have it, to support your New Year’s fitness goals, three brands with three price points but the one thing they have in common this season is grey swirly yoga/running pants. It seems they’re the thing to be seen swinging your legs in but I’m not quite on board with those just yet. What’s wrong with plain old black?

HM Sportswear
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Gap Sportswear
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Photos courtesy of primark.comAs per, Gap is always a million times more expensive that the others but a little bird tells me that if you wait til this Tuesday another massive discount code will be available for a day or two online. Plus, if you sign up to their updates (and admittedly it is annoying) they send emails practically daily with reduction codes to apply.

Let me know what you think!