Squat Challenge Day 10, 105 squats DONE, now what can I eat?

fitness pal

As you can see in the title I have done my squats for today, good job I put it on here otherwise I wouldn’t be sticking to it.  The problem I have is everytime I try some sort of fitness regimen, I think oooooooo what shall I eat now? Some cheese, chocolate are normally where I fall down on.  Before I got married I was desperately trying to lose weight to fit into the size 10 dress I had bought in the sale (It was the dress I wanted but when I went into order the shop was shutting, they weren’t ordering anymore dresses and selling the sample half price, so I bought it there and then but I was big size 12 nearly 14 at the time) so I needed to monitor everything going into my mouth…..dull as hell.  At the time I thought I’ll never be fat again! Hmmm 18months later and post second baby I’m back to square one.  This time I have the gadgets and gizmos to help me (you know how much I love them), Fitness Pal has been installed onto my new phone, not brand new, just new to me and the cover is already smashed.

Back to Fitness Pal, I love it, everyday I enter in what I’ve eaten and I can see how many calories I’ve consumed, oddly I’m brutally honest with it because I know no one else can see how much I’ve eaten.  When I first started using it I was still eating cheese and biscuits but once I realised quite how many calories they contained I started to avoid them.  I’m trying to eat 2,000 calories at the moment because I’m still nursing and very aware if I drastically reduce my intake my breast milk or ability to function will be compromised, I just have to remember the tortoise won the race not the hare.

Once it’s downloaded you type in your weight, I would recommend doing this in pounds rather than stone because it’ll feel like a bigger weight loss this way (don’t ask me why it just does for some reason).  Then you add your goal weight, activity level and fitness goals.  I’ve done the first two but I don’t think saying “I want to be fit ish” is something I can put in the goals section however if you have one it’s worth putting in.

fitness palThe above shows what the screen looks like on the app, to the left is where you insert the food you’ve gobbled and the right shows the breakdown for the day in nutrition. As you can see I ate to many carbs the day this photo was taken.

If you have a smartphone and want to input calories quickly you can scan the bar code and it’ll do it for you, it’s truly for lazy people, like myself.

You can even add friends if you want to! I have one and she has managed to burn calories going swimming, 327 of them, but then she doesn’t have children, unfortunately running around after a preschooler and feeding a newborn isn’t considered exercise, now I’m starting to wonder if this app is politically correct? Maybe I should go to the Daily Mail and sell my story and become famous, go into the Big Brother House, win BB then never have to wait for building work to be done on my house ever again……..if only.

The app is great if you’re a greedy pig like myself, you realise exactly how much you’re eating, not just calories but protein, fibre and carbohydrates as well.  Once you’ve completed a food diary for the day it’ll tell you how much you’ll lose if you continue at that level for the next five weeks, that bit is unrealistic in my opinion but a great calculator for everyday use.  It’s free to download so you have nothing to lose.

One bourbon biscuit is 70 calories, maybe I can have just one.