My birthday wishlist

Yes, it’s here. It’s my birthday today. Not a momentous one but a slightly landmark one nonetheless. I’m definitely in my mid-30s now and tomorrow, well, let’s just say 40 will be closer than 30.

As we live in the back of beyond, real-life shopping where I can actually touch, smell and see things is long gone unless I want to make the trek to our nearest city about 30 minutes away. Instead, the internet is my primary gateway to spend-dom and even that let’s me down every now and again as we’re completely reliant on satellites to get online. With the rainy/snowy/windy weather recently we’ve been offline rather more than I’d like which has made scouting for my own gifts harder than it should be.


I’ve wanted this Stella & Dot Daphne Pearl Bracelet in forever and now it’s reduced! It’s definitely going on the birthday money short list.

I’ve lusted over these copycat Toga Pulla Buckle Boots. The real deal ones are 10 times more expensive than the M&S version so that’s a saving in my book. Plus Marks & Sparks sends me codes all the time so I reckon I can get them cheaper than the listed £39.50 pretty soon.

This Mango Camo-print sweatshirt may be a bit too military but I don’t care. I love it. And at £12.99 who cares?


One thing I really do miss is picking up a coffee and loitering in the Food & Drink section of our old Book Store. I just love reading recipe books and persuing Amazon isn’t quite the same. Nonetheless I’ve spotted this and want it. She’s neither new nor trendy, but Mary Berry does it for me time and time again.

Far cheaper than botox or fillers, Amy pointed out these gelatin capsules that she’d read about the other day after I’d been moaning about my new and very deep facial wrinkles. Apparently they’re all the rage amongst models and the like. I’m not sure if that’s quite the testimony considering anorexia and a coke habit tend to be too, but they’re worth a try.  Our Mum’s always said that at a certain age you have to choose between your face and your body and my face definitely has lost the battle recently. Unfortunately my body hasn’t won it either so God knows what’s going on. It’s just looking so old so I’m prepared to be a guinea-pig for everyone and try them out. I’ll report back!

So Happy Birthday me!